Sunday, December 30, 2018

Just Whatever

We brought the potted plants indoors this fall before they froze. I had started marigolds from seed and that tall one grew and grew all summer but never bloomed until it was inside! 
It was appalling how iced up and dirty the freezers were. We cleaned them out before we butchered the steer. How wonderful to once again have clean freezers, though they are half empty. 

We didn't have a fruitful year in the garden. Sometimes I think it would be nice to live in Lancaster, PA where the Amish raise food that one can buy for reasonable prices.
Christopher working to get the ice off the sides.
Christopher decided one day he wanted to refinish this little table. He promptly did just that.
 Reference the picture below for the former appearance.
On December 17 my sister, her daughters and I spent the afternoon at Mama's place, in honor of her birthday (the 18th). We had a tea party and played a game together. Poor photo, I know. I'm not a pro at sellfies.
The cute nephew who came along, sitting in a cute little rocking chair.

The same little party got together for my birthday on the 10th. We had a tea party and a sugar free, gluten free, yummy cake! Not something I get very often. And Verina gave me an Instant Pot! That is also not something I get very often. Ha ha. I'm having fun learning to use it.
Austin gave me this nice, big mug for my birthday. The I in HIS is an arrow pointing up, to indicate the mind of God. Okay, you want to know how old I am? 46. (I just used the calculator to make sure that's correct!)
Christopher carved a heart out of a cedar shake and put it in the fire. See how it glows in there?
A contradictory church sign we saw during one of our recent trips.

Please come.....worship with us
This is hard to see, but in the top photo the house windows glow with the sunrise. A few minutes later they're dark (bottom photo). 

Okay, that was a bunch of random stuff. None of it worthy of a post of it's own, so there! 😀

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