Monday, December 31, 2018

Eating again...? wonder you're fat!

Years ago we read of a device you could get to put in your fridge that would spew these words at you when you opened the door. We thought it was so funny. It's one of those things that just sticks in one's memory and we repeated it many times. (Maybe that's why it stuck?)

Anyway, we're eating again. And again. And again.

Here's this week's (Dec 26- Jan 1) menu plan. Breakfast and main meal. The rest of the time it's leftovers.
Scrambled eggs & sausage
Yogurt & fruit
Chili soup
Rice with Alfredo sauce
Lettuce salad
Baked apples
Spinach quiche
Vegetable soup
Sheet pan dinner
Honduras meal
Fried potatoes and eggs
Yogurt & fruit
Cranberry salad
Creamed eggs
Yogurt & fruit
Potato soup
Pepperoni rolls
Veggies & dip

I love how the veggies and meat are so colorful in the mix for a sheet pan meal.
I've once again linked a number of the recipes for your convenience.

You notice we have barley for breakfast? I cook pearl barley and then the next morning I fry some diced apples in butter and maple syrup, stir in the cooked barley and heat it through. It's a favorite here. Eat it with milk as a cereal.

The rice with Alfredo sauce was leftover rice and chicken. I made a plain Alfredo sauce (no meat added), stirred in leftover ham broth gravy, and put it atop the rice and chicken. Oh, so yummy!

The Honduras meal is rice and chicken, beans, cabbage salad, Central American salsa, sour cream and tortillas.

I asked my sister if these menus are helpful to her at all? Give her any ideas? She said they just make her tired. She doesn't think she could cook that much. 

I'll admit it is tiring. 

Blessings to you in the new year! God bless you, go with Jesus.

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