Thursday, December 13, 2018

The Five Senses

I hear-
The washer is rattling with an unbalanced load. The dryer is humming over a load of polo shirts, socks and underwear. The youngest clears his voice as he lies on the couch reading. The keys click under my fingers as I inform you of all these things.
I see the fourth son walking down the hill with an ax on his right shoulder and a knife in his left hand. He is speaking convincingly to the air before him of an unknown (to me) subject. 
There is a pile of ice on the ground beside the water trough that sets not far from the window next to me. There is a pile of receipts and the draft of this week's menu beside me on the table, waiting for me to work on them.
The sky is varying shades of gray, white and blue. The trees are bare and brown, the grass looking more brown than green. 
I feel-
The house is pleasantly warm. No sweater needed and flip-flops are my choice of footwear today. It has warmed up this week outdoors. Tuesday morning the temperature was in the lower teens and this afternoon it is in the mid 40's. 
I taste the lingering mixture of garlic, onion and dates. For lunch I ate leftovers of this 'n' that. Caesar salad, tossed salad, melon, pizza, sugar free cookies. 
There are no outstanding smells currently. 

What are you experiencing today?

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