Tuesday, February 13, 2018


Today is opposite from yesterday, beginning with sunshine and becoming cloudy. Not as warm. Actually rather cold. It's all relative though, you know. If yesterday was 14 degrees, today would be warm at 38.

Our trip to PA ended at 2 AM today. When the 6 AM alarm went, well, let's just say I ignored it. My, oh my! Droopy eyelids are a thing today. My husband has a better constitution and also sleeps while traveling so he's faring better than I. 

Thomas and Matthew went to work on a drywall job this forenoon. This afternoon Thomas is doing inventory with the door guy. Austin and Matthew are staining some doors for another job. Melvin likes to work outdoors every chance he has so today he tackled an unwanted rose bush. Don't worry, it really is not beautiful and is only a nuisance.

After reading aloud to the boys, listening to them read and reading to myself, I took a nap and awoke around 2 PM with no clue how long I slept. I found these guys scrounging around the kitchen, wondering what to eat. I'm a horrible cook these last couple days. 

We got in on a spa night for the teen girls in inner city Lancaster last evening. The guys were playing games and doing their own thing in another part of the building. It was so awesome to witness the love poured out on these girls. And so peaceful compared to the Kid's Club we're used to.

They didn't have a normal evening because their regular teacher was away on a trip. Normally they will split the group in two and have a lesson half the time, then switch it up and do a hands-on activity. Alternating, so one group does the lesson while the other "plays". It would have been nice to see that happening as well.

Oh, and by the way, we could only observe the spa and help a wee bit. Like, we didn't get the foot soaks, massages and facials. Just itched all over to be on the receiving end. He-he. (I would have loved to help out with treating them, too.)

We made an interesting connection with the group leader, James Beachy. He disclosed the fact that he sang in a group with my cousin Merry (yes, that is spelled correctly) a number of years ago. I had never met her singing companions so that was nice to know.

A never-before experience was an 11 PM meal at Denny's. I am not a night owl but neither can I sleep well while traveling. Especially in a van that rides like a ship at sea in a storm. I did a lot of reading (Bible, Kindle). A shout-out to lighted books! 

Obviously the storm at sea wasn't really bad because I do get motion sick and didn't suffer too much in that department. It was worse on the way up with another driver. 

We got a welcome text message around noon from Stephen, saying they are at the San Pedro Sula airport. He will come into Dulles around 9 PM, Lord willing. It's been a toss-up who will go get the travelers- Stephen and my sister's daughter Sylvia- from the airport. It's a 1 1/2 -2 hour drive.

We moms didn't really want to go alone in the dark. We didn't want to send the young boys out there in the dark when they've never driven there period. One father is not at home and the other needs to work tomorrow so we didn't want to make him do another late night stunt.

My sister and I concluded that a couple of young boys would go and I would go along to hopefully guide them in the right way. Well, with that decided, Thomas said he'll go with them. So it looks like Sylvia will land in a boys' party.

The trip home from the airport is a good time to hear travel stories so I feel like I'll be missing out. But I won't complain. I am really tired from yesterday's adventure.

A couple words that may be new to you...

What do they mean?

Want a good laugh? Click here.

Why do boys do silly things? One put a hat on the cow and another called her to make her get up, filming all the while. Google Photo Assistant made an animation of it. You may see it here, if you wish.

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