Saturday, February 10, 2018

Homemaker's Tag

1. Have you ever had anyone say anything negative to you about staying at home/ working from home?

The only negative thing I can think of, is kind of reverse. My husband will see some area that got cleaned and say, "Wow! Someone was working today!" That, without fail, makes me feel like I haven't been working other days when I've done things that can't be seen.

My culture is all about staying at home and being a wife and mother. So no one questions my choice of homemaking. It would be the other way. I'd get the cross-eyed look if I didn't stay home.
2. What is your favorite/least favorite part of staying home(or working from home)?

My favorite thing is being there for my family. My least favorite is lack of adult association.
3. What is your favorite/least favorite chore?

Favorite- cooking. Least favorite- cleaning.
4. What time do you wake up/ go to bed?

Wake up 6ish AM. Go to bed 9-12 PM.
5. Do you put anything on in the background while you clean/work/cook (tv, radio, podcast, etc.)

Yes! I love to listen to music, Bible reading, sermons, audio books or educational videos and podcasts. Always feeding the intellect. It helps to pass the time while doing menial tasks.
6. Do you get dressed most days or stay in PJs?

Always get dressed! (Unless I'm sick.) In this way I'm prepared for anyone to show up, call on me or whatever. It also prepares me mentally for doing housework.
7. How often do you do your hair and makeup?

I "do" my hair every morning because I wear it under a veil. Therefore I comb it neatly and put it in a bun to be covered. I've never worn makeup and don't have any desire to. People think I am much younger than I am and I believe it has to do with natural skin. (As well as inner peace.)
8. What is your "trouble zone" or area in your home that needs the most help?

Without question it's the area around my desk. Next would be my pantry and a few other corners.
9. How often do you find yourself getting distracted?

Always and forever. I'm the most highly distractible person I know. (Unless it's my youngest son.) I'll head to the freezer to get something and when I'm halfway there I start thinking about the hereafter. "What am I here after?!"
10. Do you enjoy staying home or do you miss going to a job everyday?

I enjoy staying home! I'm a big homebody.
11. What is your "never ending" chore?

Cooking, laundry, dishes and cleaning. There are many at this point in my life.
12. What is your favorite way to relax or have "me" time?

13. How often does your husband/significant other chip in?

Chip into what? He is the breadwinner and has one hundred one things on his mind with looking after his family's needs, the farm, job stuff, his and my parents, and church duties. But he occasionally helps with the dishes and often takes a broom to the floor especially where the wood dirt is.
14. (If you have kids) When do you find time to do chores?

Chores find time to get me. Children help with chores.
15. How do you balance being a homemaker and creating Youtube content?

Okay, so not YouTube, but Blogging... Homemaking comes first which is why you didn't get these answers yesterday as I promised. We had a full day preparing for a Bible Study at our house with refreshments afterward.
16. What is your favorite room in your home and why?

It would be my bedroom if I had one. A place to get away and have quiet rest. A place to share with my favorite person on earth (my husband).
17. What is your least favorite room in your home and why?

There are two. The breezeway because it is so hard to clean and the finished garage because it is so brown and doesn't have many windows. Contradictorly, the breezeway is also a favorite room because it has so much light and the breeze comes through in the summer.
18. Do you feel your home reflects your personal style? Why/why not?

Yes and no. I like the one-story layout. Right now there are too many other people's things in it and they do not reflect my style.
19. What does your home smell like?

Depends where you are and at what time. You might smell a candle, my cooking, my mom's cooking, my dirty fridge, barn boots, wood smoke or the dog and cats.
20. What is your strong point and weak spot when it comes to homemaking?

My strong point is cooking and my weak spot is that I am a huge procrastinator.

End of questions

I would love if you would answer these questions in some manner (blog post, email, YouTube video, etc) and let me know who you are.

Today I am thankful for...
...a home.
...rain (I guess. It is making lots of mud.).
...a sewing machine.

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