Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Sunshine, Green, Comforters

Sunshine. Oh, the beauty of sunshine, warm, bright and invigorating. You know, by now, how I love sunshine. 

We have also had beautiful rain in the last week. Both of our rain gauges are broken so I can't tell you how much it rained except that it was a lot. Streams came down the hills, the creeks swelled and the rivers rose. 
Daffodils and lilies
All of creation responded with joy and the meadows are turning a verdant green. I never cease to be excited by the return of green. 
Toad's bellies
Or the sprouting of seeds. It makes me feel like I could dance to the moon and back. Or burst.

Thomas removed these "Christmas roses" (below) from a landscape job he did. They were not faring well in that location so he brought them here. Hellebore is their sophisticated name. They missed Christmas but they are the only blooming thing I've seen outdoors this winter.
I've completed two more comfort tops in the last week for relief work. This blue one (below) took me many days to complete. All the pale blue blocks (every other one) are a fuzzy type of fabric that slipped and slid and crawled all over the place as I sewed. It was a miserable thing to work with.
The one below with bigger blocks was a sight easier. I picked up a bag of blocks (that someone else had already sewn in rows) and sewed the eleven rows together. The outcome is always rewarding.
February ends tomorrow. It feels like we haven't had much winter. Even the couple weeks of extreme cold seem like a dim thing of the past. Spring is showing her (spring can't be a "he", can it?) welcome face.

Can you believe I heard spring peepers early last week? I almost couldn't believe it. But there they were, very loud and very real.

What are you doing today? I would love to peek into your house or wherever you are and see what life is dishing up to you. I pray you find God's grace sufficient for your needs.

More words to enjoy-

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