Monday, February 5, 2018


When writing is what one does in one's head daily and with one's hand quite a lot less, sitting down to do it with one's hand is like pricking a squishy balloon. All you hear is a long sigh....

What to write first? 

So I will write about my day and make the doldrums as interesting as I can.

I awoke this morning to the same throbbing head that gave me a less than desirable Sunday and a very restless night. It doesn't help the throbbing any to know that these men of mine need breakfast and a packed lunch.

A pack of waffles in the freezer is available for just such a time as this. Saturday was spent getting some easy freezer breakfast meals done. So they toasted waffles to be eaten with butter or peanut butter (the first choice of most), maple syrup and peaches or fried eggs, if they so desired. 

Leftover chicken tortilla soup, some cheese slices and apples made lunch for the men- Thomas, Austin and Matthew. They all took care of themselves while I sat huddled on the couch with my feet tucked up under my skirt (because I did manage to get dressed as far as that).

I had nothing to eat since lunch yesterday and food still repulsed me. I slowly drank two glasses of water. That helped me feel a bit better. So I downed some calcium with a small glass of milk, hoping that would take care of that aching head.

After resting awhile longer with no relief, I decided to take a couple more Ibuprofen to add to the hundreds my body has dealt with over the last few decades, including the two I consumed yesterday. Then I worry about damaging my liver. And I eat a couple of waffles and drink a small cup of coffee, wondering if that might also damage my liver.

Why do I "worry" about my liver? Well, there IS a glob-by feel in the right side of my abdomen. It just never quite goes away. So I speculate many times about what it is. Sometimes it seems like an internal hernia. 

I don't really worry but my brain tells me maybe I should research how to do a liver cleanse and see if I think it seems doable. Instead I just rest and let the drug and caffeine take my headache away.

Then I read awhile and decide it is really high time to do some writing. It really can't take second seat any longer. The windows will be dirty one more day. The apples must wait. The laundry, oh we'll still get some of it done. Besides I feel like a whipped puppy. 

To be honest I don't know exactly how that feels. The feeling comes from drugs. You know, that Ibuprofen I spoke of earlier. It leaves one feeling lethargic but painless. Alive enough to write but hardly able to do laundry.

Yesterday I wasn't sure if I was getting the flu bug or a migraine. Today I'm concluding it was a migraine. Because of the cold hands and feet, hot head and nausea.

Enough about me. 

Stephen is in Honduras with my brother Paul's family. He left here Saturday a week ago at 1:30 AM. The group he went with flew out of Dulles at 6:20 AM. Nine energetic people from our church went down to conduct a Bible school in the town of Cuyamel.

Only one of the group could speak Spanish. My brother's family met them at the airport and stayed with them for the week to help with interpreting. Most of the group came back Saturday and they report a hectic, enjoyable week with lots of children (80-200) and lots of rain (washing away roads and causing landslides).

On Saturday Stephen, and my niece Sylvia who also went with the group, headed back with Pauls to their home in the mountains, 8-9 hours away. We hear nothing from them so we assume no news is good news. They plan to return home on the 13th.

Thomas, Austin and Matthew are working on a drywall finishing job today. Something that Thomas and Austin enjoy and Matthew does not. He says, "HOW can someone enjoy mudding?!" It is interesting to see the boys' talents and interests develop. 

Thomas has been working a lot for a garage door installer. It is the kind of work he enjoys, repetitive and yet needing a certain amount of precision. Matthew enjoys it also but it isn't creative enough for Austin's nature.

Thomas says everyone on the door job hates one certain thing that needs to be done at the end, though, except for Austin. He just jumps in there, does it with excellence and enjoys it.

Melvin and Christopher cleaned up the kitchen around 11 AM, eating a bit more as they did so. Then they created with LEGO's for a few hours. After spending some time reading, they headed out to work on their log cabin in the woods. 

It is now 3:30 and none of us have eaten lunch. We will probably snack a little if we need something before supper. My nephews and niece are coming for supper and the evening. Sixteen yr old boy, three yr old boy and six year old girl.

Chicken chili is on the menu and they are bringing a few eats also. There are corn muffins in the freezer if we need more food.

There now. It helps to write about it. To be continued....

Today I am thankful for...
...Ibuprofen (of course!). phones (with Kindle books).
...eggs (from our very own chickens!).
Here's the book I am currently reading on Kindle.

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