Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Southwest Pizza

For something different we enjoy a Southwest version of pizza. Make your favorite pizza crust.
This one isn't my favorite but it's grain free, made for me. I made a regular yeast dough with spelt for the rest of the family. They ate some of mine too.
Put a good layer of salsa over it. Medium was my choice. Use what you like.
Add a layer of burger. I like to use chicken or turkey burger but only had one pound of chicken burger so I added a pound of ground beef.
Next put on the onions and peppers.
Top it off with a good layer of Colby cheese. (Mine was free- from my bro-in-law who drives a food truck. We get rejected cheese and it's pretty good!)
The ooey-gooey goodness. Make one for yourself!

True story-
On Sunday we were baby-sitting a young family's children. The oldest is 9, the next is 5 or 6 and the youngest is 3. I remarked to the middle one that they could appear to be our own, stair-stepped down from Christopher. The youngest, who is fairly new to speaking, was listening and he surprised me by asking, "Do you want me?" 

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