Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Sugar Free, Grain Free Food Diary

Day 2
Slice of fresh pineapple
Scrambled eggs and sausage with salsa
Plain yogurt with honey
Cup of coffee
Garden lettuce salad containing tomato, onion, cucumber and cheese with bacon Ranch dressing
Handful of raisins and pecans (Because I'm so hungry! I had to wait for my soup to thaw...)
Chili soup

Some time ago I had gone off of all grains. I felt so much better. Any excess weight dropped off. My hair improved. My voice cleared up. My energy levels increased. I don't remember what all improved but it was a real improvement.

Then I started adding back the grains that didn't give me immediate pain, i.e. stomach pain, gas, bloating. Wheat is one of those non-touchables. Results are immediate and painful. 

Corn, spelt and oats are not quite so painful, but lately I've been so weary and having a lot more gas and bloating. My sister wanted to see if going off dairy makes a difference for her (weight loss) so we made a pact to help one another with our goals.

Both dairy and grains are huge components in our American diet. It is difficult to find much of anything to eat at any type of gathering that doesn't contain these things. 

To help us stick to it, we imposed a penalty of making a meal for the other one's family. That's a pretty big call. No cheating here! 

We began May 1st and I can report a much happier and calmer gut. Hopefully, if you feel the need to cut out grains, these food diaries will help you see what else there is to eat.

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