Thursday, May 10, 2018

Sugar Free, Grain Free Food Diary Day 3

Raw fruit mix- cantaloupe, honeydew, grapes, cuties
Buckwheat pancakes with butter and pure maple syrup
Fried egg (yep, I eat it atop my pancakes)
Sausage patty (homemade sausage)
Cup of coffee
Potatoes, kale and bacon 
A bit of Ranch dressing for potatoes when I ran out of kale to eat with them.
Fresh fruit
Salad of lettuce, kale, spinach, cucumber, tomato, onion, cheese and bacon Ranch dressing
Vegetable mix of eggplant, onion, carrot, shiitake mushroom, peppers, garlic, parsley, basil, with a bit of sausage thrown in

We ate supper outdoors. Yay!
The rest of this is a sermon on the dangers of sugar.....

Stephen has been reading or hearing something about how food can keep you from being anxious. He says eat a big breakfast whether you want to or not. It will reduce your anxiety.

This could be especially true if you consume sugar. Eating sugar wreaks havoc on your blood sugar. You think you are hungry before you really are because sugar is burned up so fast and then your system is yelling, "Give me more!" 

So you keep stuffing in more sugar. What happens? Weight gain, naturally. Carbs (enter grains) are a form of sugar so even if you aren't eating sugar per se, the same effect is there. You stay hungry, you eat more, you gain weight. Unless you're one of those lucky people who can burn it as fast as they eat it.

White sugar is an unnatural substance and causes your body to produce unnatural amounts of insulin. This in turn wears down your body's overall defenses and wears down one organ after another. Your pancreas gets worn out from producing insulin. Your adrenals are worn down; as well as your thyroid. Your heart will likely go next. It's a domino effect.

Sugar is very nearly like heroin in its ability to create addiction. Think over your day. Did your morning hot drink contain sugar? What about the yogurt you had for breakfast? Did you eat cereal?

Some people say of frosted flakes or similarly sugar-coated cereals, "I don't need sugar with this cereal." My friend, every cereal is loaded with sugar, whether you see it or not. Look at the ingredients.

Did you eat sugar-laden canned fruit? Ketchup (it has more sugar than ice cream!)? Barbecue sauce? Mayonnaise? Lunch meat? Ham? Or jam?

Those are things where sugar is maybe more hidden. We eat them without thinking of the sugar we consume. But what about the cake, cookies, candy or donut you had today?

If you're not thinking, the amount of sugar you consume is phenomenal. Now try doing without. Try it!

We did a sugar fast as a family a few years ago and it took me at least six months to be able to go by the dessert spread at a church dinner and not be tempted.

Recently Stephen's accountability group did without sugar for one month. One of the guys was heard to say a number of times, "I can hardly wait till May 1st! I'm going straight to get me a Dunkin Donut!" What does that tell you about addiction?

My neighbor works with recovering drug addicts and they are not allowed to eat sugar because it too closely simulates the drugs they are trying to get free from.

It is so nice to be on the other side of the addiction! "Good" desserts don't even tempt me at all! I couldn't have said that a few years ago, that's for sure! It takes grit and determination to overcome.

It also helps to be educated. Read Mr Robinson's philosophy (Sugar Addiction) about sugar and intellect. (Or listen to him. Jump to about 1:40:00 if you want to just hear what he says about sugar.) This man is a scientist and has done his research.

Just in case you won't read or listen to him, I love the story he tells, about when he kept a pack of cookies for himself though he allowed his children none. He found that his cookies were disappearing and his heart sank. One of his children had developed an addiction and was stealing his cookies.

After questioning them all, they all denied eating his cookies. Then his older son stepped forward and confessed. He was throwing them away. He said, "Dad, you are so irritable when you eat cookies!"

A disclaimer if you listen to all of the video... I don't agree with all Mr Robinson's philosophy, as I believe children develop better mentally, especially at a young age, with a lot more action. But most of what he says about education is spot on, in my opinion.

Back to sugar- Have you ever thought about why cancer is so prevalent these days? Do your research!


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