Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Sugar Free, Grain Free Food Diary

Day 1
Plain yogurt with honey
Half banana

Potatoes with kale and bacon
Black beans and bratwurst
Spinach, apple, pear and walnut salad

Black beans and bratwurst
Sour cream
Cabbage salad (made with lemon juice, garlic salt and cumin)
Apple with peanut butter
Half banana

Some people say, "But what do you eat?" when they hear that I eat no sugar or grains. One family member even went so far as to ask incredulously, "What do you do for fun?" As though we live to eat rather than eating to live! There are still plenty of good foods.

For all who wonder what to eat, I will attempt a food diary for a week. It might be difficult as I'm ultra busy right now but I'm going to try. It should be a simple thing to do.

I wasn't feeling so well today so I ate less than I do sometimes. And the peanut butter, bacon and bratwurst may have some sugar in them. I'm not being super strict about  the minimal sugar in some foods. I hope that doesn't mislead someone.

The black beans are linked to a recipe. This recipe has the seasonings I used. The rest of the family ate the beans on rice.

Words for fun-

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