Friday, May 11, 2018

Sugar Free, Grain Free Food Diary Day 4

Yogurt with honey & maple syrup (because I ran out of honey)
Fried potatoes and eggs
Cup of coffee
Fresh fruit
Chili soup 
Guacamole (avocado, garlic, lemon juice, salt & pepper)

A late meal at church
Ham and cheese sandwich made with grain free bread (compliments of my sister)
Veggies and dip
Potato chips

Exposé on grains...

Often when I say I eat no grains, people look at me like I'm crazy. "Why not?" they ask. "Grains are healthy." "Grains are Biblical."

Okay, okay. Maybe you're right. Maybe you're not. Again, do your own research.

Cereal boxes tout "Grains for heart health" slogans. Recently someone told of a friend who had a non-fatal heart attack. His Dr told him, "You're eating too many grains." Hmmm...

Have you eaten grains without sugar? Very often if you eat a grain you will be eating sugar with it. (A correction from yesterday- there are a very few cereals that have no sugar listed in the ingredients. Grape Nuts® and plain shredded wheat are two that I know of.)

Yes, grains were eaten in the days of yore. But do you think they were eaten in excess as they are today? Do you think Jesus had a bagel and/or a bowl of cereal for breakfast, noodles and a sandwich for lunch, and pizza for supper?

If you had to raise all the grain you eat, would you eat what you eat today? (In the same vein, what about sugar?) 

Grains are best for you if they are sprouted or soaked. Otherwise they deplete your body of nutrients. Have you ever thought about what the yeast was that was used in Bible times? Was it little packets of brown grit?

No, they soaked their grains and pulled the yeast from the air. Today we call it sour dough bread. It always was a puzzle to my little, modern, American mind why the Israelites had no time to raise their bread when leaving Egypt (Exodus 12:34). Now it makes sense.

Today we are faced with several dilemmas concerning grains. Corn has been genetically modified (GMO) and there is nothing you can do to make it good. Oats have been heat treated and soaking them does no good because they're dead. 

Both corn and oats can be found that are raised correctly if you search for it. But they won't be on your regular store shelves. Everything you find there, pulls from your health and adds nothing to it.

Wheat is the big, bad guy. No hope here, unless you find someone who raises the ancient grains and stores them without chemicals. (I found someone in CA. The cost of shipping is sky high.)

Wheat is not genetically modified per se. GMO wheat is illegal in the USA. But it has been greatly hybridized to get the highest amounts of gluten for soft, fluffy baked goods. This contributes to the gluten intolerance epidemic. 

Gluten intolerance is maybe not what it's cracked up to be though. People who suffer from supposed gluten intolerance in our country can travel to Europe and consume wheat there with no problem. So now what?

Wheat in our country is laden with chemicals. Much of it is sprayed with Round-Up® (glyphosate) prior to harvest. Then it is sprayed with chemicals for storage. All this is "necessary" for the mass production of wheat that is "needed" here.

Do your research on what glyphosate does to you. I find that even sprouted wheat products labeled "Organic" are problematic for me. My Doctor says that even supposedly organic wheat is stored with chemicals. Sigh...

Here's one article of many you can find on the web. Guess who manufactures Round-Up®. And guess who fights anyone who tries to ban it. Monsanto! Go figure.

Sometimes I wish there would be a mass effort to change growing and storage methods. Like everyone would just not eat wheat until something changes. It seems like the epidemic proportions of gluten intolerance/allergy would wake someone up.

Wishful thinking.....

Words to enjoy-

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