Saturday, May 12, 2018

Sugar Free, Grain Free Food Diary Day 5

Plain yogurt & home-canned peaches (canned with apple juice)
Crustless Quiche (eggs, sausage, cheese, spinach, milk, onion, spices)
Slice of banana bread (SF, GF) GF meaning grain free
Cup of coffee

Lunch- (Church picnic)
Pork with a bit of BBQ sauce (couldn't eat it dry, you know 😀)
Veggies and dip
Potato chips
Banana bread 
Ice cream (homemade with maple syrup)

Banana bread & milk
leftover quiche
Eye protocol smoothie*

The banana bread had 85% chocolate chunks in it. You can make your own totally sugar free ones with this recipe. ***********************************************************************
Would you have any teeth left if you didn't have a dentist? Sugar became popular when Queen Elizabeth was reigning. Reports are that sugar was only available to royalty or the rich at that time. But their teeth rotted from it. 

Queen Elizabeth reportedly had black teeth and wouldn't smile. The only thing a "dentist" did in those days was pull your teeth.

Sugar and grains take tooth and bone health downhill. A recommended book to read is Cure Tooth Decay by Ramiel Nagel.

*Thomas and I have been doing the eye protocol together. It has been difficult because he's gone at noon and if we do it morning and evening, I need to get it done before he leaves for work. Somehow it's harder to accomplish this way. Then he'll be gone for a couple days and we really get off course. We're trying to get back on it now....

Words today-

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