Saturday, January 23, 2016

All in a Day

I will give you some pictures from this winter day.
It began with a glorious sunrise. "Red in the morning, sailor's warning" is what I thought. Thomas took these photos and he said the yellow that shows up wasn't what he saw in real life. Just red colors. Interestingly we never saw the sun today.

By noon the snow began. It continued to add up. By dark there were close to four inches.

The boys cleaned out "stuff" that was outside on the patio (under the roof). Then they moved the doghouse, dug a hole where it was and set up a new bird feeder.

 Thomas worked at the church house until early afternoon, helping the other trustees install a dishwasher. (Folks, we are going green.) Then he worked at his desk.

The three youngest spent a good bit of time outdoors this afternoon. The two oldest are getting too old for such stuff I guess. Austin said this is the first time he is not excited about snow. He appears to be more interested in his cubing.

Melvin and Christopher came in all snow covered and gave the patio another swipe with snow shovels.

Of course you need popcorn on a day like this.

And tea. Ever make sassafras tea from the roots? The boys love it. Whenever they're digging in the woods and find some they bring it in. Look at the pink color. The cup on the right has milk added to it.

The cows are eating hay like they haven't before this winter. They have been grazing a lot.

My parents spent the day in their new quarters, putting things in place. Daddy fixed a light switch that has been on the blink (for real, it blinked) for awhile.

The boys helped me make supper. A dish of cabbage, potatoes, carrots, burger, onions, garlic, olive oil and spices tossed together and roasted in the oven. 

 Apple, banana and pineapple dressed with plain yogurt and a bit of vanilla.

After supper three of them decided on a certain point outside and ran out and back barefooted. An annual thing. It used to be around the house but that was a trailer.

One more patio cleanup before bed.

We stay cozy with good wood fires.

Is there snow where you are?

What do you do on a winter day?

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