Monday, January 18, 2016


"Winners are not people who never fail but people who never quit."

This post is written in appreciation of some winners I know- my parents. I will list some of the reasons I consider them winners.

#1. They listen to God.

#2. They listen to their children.

#3. They listen to their children.

#4. They do what their children tell them to do.

You get the idea. They have been willing to give up their home in their old age and set out as Abraham did, not knowing where they're going. Well, they know in a measure but they are at the mercy of their children.

I hear so many people talking about how their parents won't listen! I asked some of the church ladies, "Will we be that way when we get old?" 

One said, "We probably will be. We've done this for so long. We know how! We don't need anyone telling us."  

Another said, "One lady told her children, 'Don't ever let me get that way! When I start acting like that, tell me!' But when she got older and they reminded her, it made her so mad."

"When our children don't listen we know what to do about it," one said with a gleam in her eye.

But the answer that stuck with me was this, "If we are compassionate and understanding with our parents, that is the best way to ensure that we won't be obstinate as old people."

Now really, my parents are not winners only because they listen to their children. They just keep on keeping on even when life gets hard and then harder yet. 

Keep them and us as children in your prayers as we make adjustments to life in a new phase.

Who are the winners you know?

Are you a winner?

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