Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Head Scratching

Hmm. Sounds like something one does when confronted with a problem. When there's dry air. When one has dandruff. Or when infested with lice. Something primitive. Mind pictures of monkeys. But I'm telling you folks, this is an art I'm speaking of. A form of relaxation.

As I was growing up I experienced many migraine headaches. Headaches that sent me to bed. Nauseated me. My mother, who did not comprehend the pain I was facing and probably thought this was one of my various forms of getting out of work, once asked me, “What will you do when you're married and there's no one else to do the work?”

I carried that question with me many years. Then I found out what I would do. The headaches did not magically disappear when I got married. I went down and things went on without me. My headaches got so bad that pain pills couldn't touch them.

Enter the art of head scratching. As I lay in bed, in excruciating pain, my husband reached over and began to gently scratch my head. My body began to relax, the pain became bearable and I drifted away to dreamland. Who would have known that something so simple had such power?

The toddler who can't settle down for a nap. A child with a headache... Or any physical pain. An emotionally distraught child... Or partner. Head scratching is such a soother any time.

This is just a gentle, pick any bumps you find, type of scratching. Not vigorous or hard. Maybe just kind of massaging with your finger tips. But extend your claws and it feels even better.

I have one son especially who will ask me to scratch his head. He has my tendency to get headaches. If you watch him reading a book he is often scratching his own head. You may have picked him out in some of the photos.

My husband and I scratch each other's heads in bed almost nightly. It's a good way to unwind and relax. Talk or be silent. The cares of the world diminish under the hand of a caring person. Not quite so magical…. but almost.

If you haven't discovered the joys of head scratching, maybe you want to try it!  It's free. It's relaxing. It works.

What method do you use for relaxation?

Have you tried head scratching? 

Yeah, go ahead and roll your eyes. I know this is a weird post. But I just had to share the joy!

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