Saturday, January 16, 2016


I am excited about a comparatively new product the Javita company has come out with. Flex is a product designed to help your joints. We keep hearing how it has been bringing quick and lasting results. A friend in the business says how it has helped his sciatic pain. He was very skeptical about whether it was actually helping him so he stopped taking it. Oops! Now he's hurting again. He tried this three times before he decided to believe it actually helped.

An old time friend tried it recently and got tremendous relief in her hands and elbows. She works at school and she said that helping the children cut and paste really made her hands sore but the other day she thought about it that she's not even hurting. She called me after taking it about a week. "My fingers have loosened up so much! I wasn't even able to open a canning jar. Now I could play the piano if I knew how!" She was so excited and I'm so happy for her.

My own experience has been that it initially helped my sciatica. More recently I had a fall where I whacked my ribs and rump really hard on outdoor steps. (Slow down Mama!) Drinking Flex helped me through that and continues to help me as I deal with back pain since then.

It works so quickly that people don't believe that is what actually helped. Want to try it?

Click here to order and/or to find more information.

And please call me anytime with any questions you have!


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