Tuesday, January 19, 2016


Having read a couple blog posts today containing menus for the week and working on my own plan today, I decided to fill you in on what we eat at our house.

We eat very few grains, having discovered how very hard they are for one to digest. They are not only hard to digest but they deplete your body of the vitamins and minerals needed to grow strong teeth, bones and brains. So this menu will reflect that choice.

We also eat very little sugar. To lightly sweeten something I tend to use honey or maple syrup. If neither of these is to be found I use Sucanat. Having done a sugar fast for a year we found our taste buds re-educated allowing us to taste the natural sweetness of food.

Yogurt & home-canned /frozen sugar-free fruit as daily as I can keep yogurt made
Monday- Hard boiled eggs (top with mayo & Herbamare)
Tuesday- Scrambled eggs & sausage
Wednesday- the boys will be home alone. I'm quite certain they will make doozy omelets
Thursday- Fried eggs, sausage & grits with butter
Friday- Potato & meat quiche
Saturday- DIY (give Mama a break!)
Sunday- Hard boiled eggs & Paleo "French toast"

Lunch- Usually leftovers
Sunday- Baked potatoes,  beef roast, Caesar salad (no croutons, too bad how sad) Here is a simple dressing we love.

Supper  (or is it Dinner?)
Monday- Rice & canned turkey thighs cooked with taco seasoning,  Great Northern beans, lettuce, (cheese, salsa, onions & ranch dressing served on the side), applesauce
Tuesday- Thomas & I are being fed by my mom, the rest by my dear sister Verina.
Wednesday- Rice (white parboiled) with hamburger gravy, green beans, applesauce
Thursday- Beans, cornbread, coleslaw
Friday- Supper & social with the youth (if we don't get snowed in)
Saturday- Cheeseburger soup, celery and apples with peanut butter
Sunday- Very unplanned. At least popcorn and apples.

Snacks- Apples or any other fruit, fresh or dried; shakes (made with milk from the family cow, some unsweetened frozen fruit & a bit of vanilla extract); cheese; nuts

There you have it. That's how to feed 6 men with very little grains or sugar. If you want to know more about why we don't eat many grains read this article & the comments beneath it. (Ignore the evolutionary talk.) Do your own research. In the comments is where you see the rubber meet the road and hear the no-grain testimonies.

My testimony is that I feel young again and the intestinal discomfort has been greatly relieved! I am almost never sick. My boys say, "Mama doesn't take naps anymore! Now we don't get as much time off." Javita's Energy + Mind coffee does a lot for me too!

Have you ever tried a no-grain diet?

Why or why not?

I'd love to hear your comments.

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