Tuesday, January 26, 2016


Following is a photo of my menu plans for this week. I use Microsoft Word and insert a table. The photo is of a PDF document. It reduced the Word document enough to be photographed. 

The snack space doesn't get filled in very often. It seems that snacks aren't as imperative when eating a sugar free/low grain diet. But most of the time when someone is hungry between meals they grab an apple or drink a glass of milk. 

Menus aren't always followed to the T. It gives me something to think about and bounce off of. Options from things I have on hand. Some meals don't look complete. That is because I can't think of what to make with what I have and I don't know when I'll get to town.

Tap or click on the photo to open it up where you can see it better. 

Do you plan a menu ahead?

What's for supper this evening?

I need some fresh ideas. :)

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