Saturday, December 2, 2017


The day (evening) finally came to meet niece and cousin Anibelle de Carmen. She was wide awake and full of smiles although it was late in the evening. Of course, she was still on Texas time.
My sisters Doris and Rachel (Chel) came to our house while we were spending time with Thomas' mother. My mother and sister Verina went to the Dulles airport to pick them up. Doris' two other girls came also- Maximiana (Maxie) and Gwendolyn (Gwen). They'll show up in another post, Lord willing.
Anibelle quickly became a well-loved acquaintance. We hope we didn't spoil her completely by the time she went home.
We had planned and re-planned lodging a number of times so in Christopher's mind Maxie and Gwen were not going to be at our house. He came to me Wednesday morning and said he thought it would be boring with just Anibelle here but, "She's a party".
To understand that, you would have had to see her reaction to him the evening before. I was holding her and he was sitting behind me. I leaned her his way to say hello and it surprised her. She jerked back and he mimicked her move. That just amused her greatly and she giggled out loud. Then she laughed and laughed as he talked and laughed.
We miss her presence in our home but we know she's spreading smiles wherever she goes.

Today I am thankful for...
...Ibuprofen to calm my hormonal headache.
...a cookstove.
...a milk cow.

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