Wednesday, December 13, 2017


Tuesday a week ago was the monthly Sisters' Sewing at the church house. We meet in the basement and work on comforters to send to the needy.

Some ladies cut out blocks from donated fabric, others lay out blocks in patterns to make the tops and some piece the tops together with sewing machines. Still others cut and sew backings for the comforters. Then the tops, quilt batting and backings need to be put in a quilt frame and knotted together with yarn.

After they're knotted, someone cuts off the excess batting and prepares the edges to be bound with a sewing machine. A lot of work goes into these blankets that will keep someone, somewhere a bit warmer for the winter.

Each lady has her part to do and no one feels overwhelmed. My spot last week was at the sewing machine, piecing a top. I didn't get it completed so I brought it home.

When I start a top and see the colors I'm working with, I want to see the end product. If I put it away unfinished until next month, someone else might complete it and I'll forget which one it was. 

That's my thought process. I sewed the rest of it yesterday and here's what it looks like.
Like I said, we work with donated fabric and the ones who work with what we have, to design the tops, do a super job. Of course, it wouldn't be the same if you could choose your colors. 

This one is done with a nine-patch design and a border added on three sides to make it the size it needs to be.

Someone will look at the patterns and either enjoy them or think about how they would have done it differently. Or maybe they will be so cold they can't even think except, maybe, to be grateful for something to keep them a bit warmer.

Today I am thankful for...
...a warm house. (It's getting really cold and windy outside!)
...a coat. 

I was just reading about the homeless....

Watch a short film about Operation Silent Night.

(Sorry, I wrote this yesterday 12/12 and didn't get it up until today 12/13.)

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