Thursday, December 14, 2017

Septic System

Education this week has been very hands-on for the boys. The septic system is going in for Grandpa's new dwelling place. My nephew, Mervin, has been working with an excavator for at least a year. He knows the ins and outs of putting in a septic system. On Tuesday he came here and dug the hole with his employer's mini excavator.
Matthew (grey) and Melvin (orange) watching Mervin working with the transit in the hole

Mervin leaning over the hole, Christopher in the hole

Still watching Mervin, who is in the hole

Christopher is trying his "getting-out-powers". 
Jolin Concrete brought the system out and set the concrete tank in the hole. (Christopher had gotten out before that!)

Matthew & Mervin unloading pipes while
Melvin & Christopher watch

Mervin, Matthew and Melvin got the pipes in and all pieces in place. (Don't ask me what they all are). Christopher watched and filmed.
Once when I walked out to look at their progress, Mervin grinned sheepishly and said, "This is what I call a rookie job." He said the hole in the tank was positioned in the wrong end of the dirt hole and he needed to run the pipe around about to the "box".

Setting the box
Later I went out and he said it had been correct after all. Oh wow. Now they had to fill the rerouted trenches and redo the pipes.
They were going the red detour when they could
have gone the blue route!
Mervin dug trenches for the drain field yesterday and the boys got all that set and ready for inspection this morning. The inspector came out and approved the job. Now Mervin can finish the dirt pushing and we can move ahead with other things.

Never underestimate the abilities of "teenagers". (The authors of The Rebelution say this word was coined in the last hundred years. It used to be there were only children and adults.) 

Today I am thankful for...
...sugar free chocolates. aromatic candle.
...clean windows.

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