Thursday, December 21, 2017


My aunt asked me how my birthday was special? Well, people wished me a happy birthday.

"No one made a meal or anything for you?" 


That's my life as a mother of sons.

Or so I thought.

They had something up their sleeves. Just not on a Sunday. 

Thomas and I went shopping this week Monday. When we came home my sister's vehicle was here. My oldest son instructed me to "go sit with Verina and Grandma until we call you."


We visited for awhile and then they said they were ready. They had strung a banner and made my favorite meal. Meatloaf and mashed potatoes. Autumn Tossed Salad from Taste of Home. 

The last month or so there have been a number of the family asking me what my favorite dishes were. So that's what that was all about?

My sister made a gluten free, sugar free, deeelicious pound cake. (Those of you who don't live this GF SF life have no idea how good it can be!)

The boys had help from their girl cousin (or two or three). I'm really not sure who all did the cooking. But it was a very good meal. Better than the lentil soup I had put in the crock pot before I left for town.

Last week my mother had a surprise planned for me also. I gather that my friends helped her out with her plans. Thomas told me on Sunday evening that he was to instruct me that someone would pick me up on Thursday forenoon.

Then later my friend asked if she could take me out for lunch Thursday. Assuming it was related I said yes, then asked Thomas if that's what it was? He thought so.

My three close friends came to pick me up and we went out for lunch. We get together periodically, so even though I was suspicious that something was brewing, I was relieved that it was just our little group.

After lunch they took me to one of their houses and more of the church ladies were gathered there. "The party's not over yet", my friend said. They sang happy birthday to me, then we had "tea" together and just visited. 

They gave me food gifts at the suggestion of my mother. How nice! Frozen breakfast casseroles, a ham, a pineapple, soup and a cheeseball with GF crackers.

Talk about feeling helpless. When you are used to making things happen, day in and day out, and then you are at the mercy of others, it gives you an odd feeling. 

But it was nice to know that I wasn't responsible for what I wasn't responsible for. Whatever sense that makes.

Today I am thankful for...
...all 45 of the years the Lord has given me.
...a Frugal Food Group I found on Facebook.
...a day without any outside school activities.

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