Friday, December 1, 2017


Here it is, the first of December, already. The weather is incredibly beautiful and looks to stay that way for at least a week. 

Our "Thanksgiving week" began November 21. Thomas' Mom treated us to our first Thanksgiving meal in her apartment house. (Yes, there was more to eat than just cranberry salad.)

She also served turkey, ham, mashed potatoes and corn & limas for lunch. But we needed to work a couple of hours to "earn" it.

The boys swept the carpet, helped set the table, cleaned the inside of the car, took care of dead plants, replaced a fly ribbon and hauled trash to the dumpster.

I cut up some mangoes, ironed the table cloth, cleaned off the table and chairs, cleaned some of the floor and helped the boys some.

After a late lunch Thomas and I did the large stack of dishes and then most of us played games. Soon it was time to milk the cow, so Stephen and Melvin left to do that, while Thomas went to pick up a camper.

We came back together for a supper of chicken noodle soup, cheese, bread and pickles. A dessert was baking in the oven, so we sang awhile. 

The dessert went home with us; because it was still too warm to eat and we were too weary to wait on it.

This was a treat for me, to not have any food "worries" for the day. We had been working hard, prepping for my family's influx and this was the lull before the storm. 

Thanks again, Mom.

Today I am thankful for...
...electricity. (It went out for a moment as I began here.)
...the Bylers' four wheelers. (Boys get a lot done when they have machines to use!)
...a washing machine. (A machine that helps me with all the loads of laundry in a week.)

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