Friday, December 22, 2017


At 8:15 this morning we heard excited voices, "They're coming!" Looking out the windows we could see the pilot truck with his flashers on. And then we could see the lights of the tow truck coming.

What is so exciting? A trailer house for Grandpa's! 
As seen from our front porch
They've been living with us for nearly two years now. Finally we're able to get them a space of their own to call home once again. Though none of us ever dreamed they would live in a trailer, we are thankful the Lord provided.

The local mobile home dealer is super nice to work with and so very helpful. For a reasonable cost they poured the footers, set the trailer and put the vapor barrier in. 

They will give us the underpinning at their cost. As well as providing heat tape for exposed pipes. 

We had doubts about being able to pull a trailer onto our place but they said, "No problem." Branches were cut here and there to make way as they came slowly down our access road...
...into the yard,

Lots of interested followers

... and around the bottom side of the garden.

Grandpa and Grandma following, every step of the way
Then up through the yard.

There's the new nest.
As seen from the breezeway

A glimpse of the well-cared-for interior
By 10:30 they had it in place, set on blocks with the vapor barrier in place and were out of here. Nice people, nice job.

Next it's sewer, water and power lines to be dug and connected. The underpinning to get in place. Porches to build. A driveway to make. 

Patience. Perseverance. Grace.

Today I am thankful for...
...a chiropractor (for a son who flies off the truck while it's moving through the field).
...a ripe pineapple.
...the new nest (of course!).

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